An Aspen Grove Christmas

 Christmas is a magic time, especially when love is all around
and the Mother Lode hosts five weddings and a family celebration.

Cory’s Christmas – Sherry Derr-Wille

Cory never expected to run Baker’s Secret Hideaway, but when she needs help, Dex Trenton enters her life in more ways than one.

Christmas Day – Luanna Rugh

Chris Day isn’t looking forward to Christmas. But injured skier Raven Chase lands in Red Rock Clinic on Christmas Eve, and her holiday plans change.

Mistletoe Magic – Lorna Collins

All Noelle McGregor wants is real mistletoe her first Christmas without family, but getting it leads to literally falling for Matt Spicer.

The Gathering – Christie Shary

Sonata Sullivan returns home where she encounters her widowed high school boyfriend, Tommy Henderson. But her heart belongs to Jamali in Morocco.

Christmas Treasure – Cheryl Gardarian

Posing as tourists, Sara Hayden and Gretchen Dodge meet Swedish businessman Thad Johansson. When he returns unexpectedly, will their deception be discovered?