The Art of Love

Finding love is an art, and these artists (and aspiring artists) discover that love, like art, requires more than talent!

THE CHAPEL OF LOVE by Cheryl Gardarian: Moving to Colorado changes Darcy Oma Greenís life. Saddled with D.O.G. for initials, she never expects to fall in love, but magic happens in Aspen Grove.

A SHOT AT LOVE by Lorna Collins: Gulietta Boller Amalfitano wants her own identity. So she leaves home for Aspen Grove, Colorado where she discovers her heartís desire through photographer, Jeff Stone.

LADY JANE'S CROCHET by Sherry Derr-Wille: Jayne Connorís love of crochet brings her to Bakerís Secret Hideaway, where she falls for Keith Baker. But when his attitude suddenly changes, sheís bewildered and gives up all thoughts of love.

AN AFFAIR OF THE ART by Luanna Rugh: When Rayne McAllister is talked into taking a beginning watercolor class, she is confronted with the guy who was her worst date ever! And heís the teacher. Could this ever lead to love? Rayne doesnít think so.