Snowflake Secrets


    Can objects contain magic?
The Sullivan sisters think so.

On Christmas Eve, 1958, Great Aunt Maude gives a beautiful and unique snowflake ornament to each of the girls: Allegra—thirteen, Sonata—twelve, Melody—nine and Carole—eight.

Many years later, they learn that she might have crocheted a little something extra into their gifts. In Snowflake Secrets, each girl recounts how she discovered the magic. As they communicate their revelations to each other and their dying mother, they discover the secret they share. Every narrative is unique and told in a different voice. That’s because there are four separate authors:

Allegra by Lorna Collins

Sonata by Christie Shary

Melody by Luanna Rugh

Carole by Sherry Derr-Wille


Although told separately, they are all woven into the larger story of Snowflake Secrets, an inspirational tale of family and love and finding joy.

Snowflake Secrets is published by Whiskey Creek Press.
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